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We Buy In Bulk
We Buy, Collect & Recycle Scrap Metals In Bulk Quantities

Help us in creating environment stability in Victoria and get top dollars in instant cash for any kind of scrap metals.

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We Buy In Bulk
Copper Recycling In Melbourne

Sell Your copper scrap in Melbourne and get top dollars for it with free removal services.

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    We Pay Top Cash For Scrap Metal Melbourne

    Global Scrap Metal Recyclers is one of the few reliable and trustworthy scrap metal collectors and recyclers in Melbourne. We strongly believe in building a sustainable environment. Thus, we don’t dispose of any scrap metals in open fields or in landfills. Instead, we recycle all metals to their full extent. Some ferrous metals possesses a potential threat to the environment and all living beings if not handled correctly.

    Global Scrap Metal Recycles has taken upon the duty to take care of all types of scraps and preserve nature for our future generations. we have incorporated eco-friendly methods in our recycling procedure that allows us to safely dispose of toxic and non-recyclable parts beforehand.

    Once all the toxic and non-recyclable parts have been taken care of, the actual recycling process begins. Our fast and efficient scrapping services are designed to cater demands of every customer. So, if you have scrap metals in even larger quantities, we can take care of them. We will also come to your location to collect all the scrap metals. Our removal services are absolutely free and have no hidden charges.

    Our Services

    We provide our customers with superior recycling services that offer peace of mind to our customers and top dollars in their pockets.

    Site Clean ups

    Hire us to clean scrap from your location and remove it for free.

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    Weigh & Pay

    Use our weigh & pay services to get scrap collected, and removed from your location.

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    Public Weighbridge

    Get accurate digits of scrap loaded in a truck with our stat-of-the-art weighbridge.

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    Get a Quick Quote and Find the Benefits

    Get appropriate-sized scrap metal bins from us with free deliveries and pickups.

    Scrap Metals We buy

    At Global Scrap Metal recyclers, we take pride in being one of only a few recycling companies that accept all types of metals. Below is a list of our most commonly bought metals.


    Sell your scrap to the best copper recycler in town and get top dollars in return.

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    Get rid of large piles of brass scrap by selling them in minutes.

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    Get your scrapped lead recycled and removed from your location for free.

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    Sell your aluminium scrap for top dollars in Melbourne and get paid instantly.

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    It’s time to get rid of all the used and scrapped rims and get top dollars for them.

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    Stripped Cables

    We buy stripped cables in small to large quantities with free removals.

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    Insulated Cables

    Sell your piles of old and used insulated wires and get free removed from your location.

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    Get rid of old and scrapped batteries in Melbourne and get free on-site removals.

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    Scrap Metal Recycling Services in Melbourne

    We offer superior quality recycling services for all types of scrap metals in Melbourne. We also offer instant cash to our customers when we will come to collect the scrap from their location. Our recycling services are totally hassle-free and give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Our experienced and skilled professionals offer quality services and give the best solutions and answers to your every concern. We assure you that you will find our recycling services most comfortable and transparent than our competitors. You will also be happy with the cash that you will get in return for your scrap. When you will sell your scrap to us, you will also get our free scrap removal services. So, without wasting any time, we encourage you to pick up your phone and call us at your earliest convenience.

    Reasons To Choose us

    Leader In Recycling

    Global Scrap Metal recyclers is a leading scrap metal collector and recycling company in Melbourne.

    Safety & Professionalism

    We have established a reputation as a company that adheres to safety rules and is committed to customer satisfaction.

    Environment Friendly

    We have incorporated eco-friendly methods into our recycling procedure in our efforts to create a sustainable environment.

    Highest Payouts

    We offer competitive prices that none of our competitors can match.Plus, we pay our customers instantly.

    What Clients Say About Us


    I am very satisfied with the services I got from Global Scrap Metal Recyclers. They took care of everything and I had to worry about nothing. Plus, I am satisfied with the cash they paid me.


    Highly Recommended

    I highly recommend Global Scrap Metal Recycles to everyone who is looking to sell large quantities of scrapped lead batteries. I have had quotes from multiple companies but no other company offered me the money that these guys did.



    I find it very difficult to get rid of scrapped metals as most companies would charge for almost everything. But not these guys. There were no hidden charges and I got what I was promised.


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